Applications for Waste ManagementMunicipal waste collection is a necessity, but current methods are proving to be less efficient. Waste and recycling containers are typically emptied on a set schedule, even when they are partially full or empty. There are also issues with overfilling bins in commercial and residential areas, resulting in unsightly litter that poses human health and environmental hazards.

LoRa Sensor Technology for Waste Mangement Services

LoRa sensors for waste management make it possible to provide on-demand waste management services, saving you money on fuel, labor, and other costs. The added benefit of operational analytics makes it easy to track waste levels throughout all your routes and help your city meet its sustainability goals.

Smart Waste Collection Solutions for Efficient Municipal Waste Management

When combined, our low power wireless gateways and ultrasonic sensors create a smart waste collection solution for smart cities of all sizes. Use LoRa WAN networks to connect ultrasonic devices throughout various services areas to streamline and increase the efficiency of waste collection services. Connect to the network of a LoRa service provider or place the LoRa module at free will for local, private coverage.  

With LoRa ultrasonic sensors for waste management, you can:

  • Monitor fill levels to prevent unsightly, overfilled containers
  • Reduce noise and emissions by improving the efficiency of waste management routes
  • Use analytics to help your municipality meet its sustainability goals
  • Schedule routes based on the demand in each service area
  • Cover a wide service area with a single gateway 

LoRa Ultrasonic Sensors for Waste Management

Our ultrasonic sensors for waste management have a contactless design and a wide operating temperature range for indoor and outdoor use. The rugged stainless-steel housing withstands exposure to precipitation, dust, and other contaminations commonly found in and around waste containers.

Additional LoRa sensor technology features and benefits include:

  • Operating range up to 8m (3.28 feet) for long range use
  • High visibility LEDs to identify echo and switching state
  • Vibrating sound converters to prevent media from adhering to the sensor

The LoRa wireless gateway also has a wide operating temperature and rugged design to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Additional features and benefits of our LoRa wireless gateways include:

  • Stand-alone, battery-operated device with optional Lilon accu/solar panel operation
  • GPS, GNSS, and Galileo positioning to monitor the location of waste receptacles and collection
  • Fully encrypted, bi-directional communication to protect data privacy
  • Long distance wireless signals up to 3 km in urban areas/indoors or 15 km in rural areas/outdoors
  • 4 M12 connectors for plugging in a combination of analogue or digital sensors to the end node
Read more about the technology behind our LoRa smart waste collection solutions.

Learn More About Sensors for Smart Waste Management

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