M18 Ultrasonic Long Body Sensors

M18 Ultrasonic Long Body
Ultrasonic sensors measure distance by emitting and receiving ultrasound waves through piezoelectric components. A transducer tracks the amount of time it takes to receive the emitted waves, which is then used to calculate distance. The high precision of this technology allows for reliable object detection and distance measurement in a range of applications.
M18 ultrasonic long body sensors are flexible and their operations is unaffected by moisture, debris, or target materials and colors. Industries ranging from agriculture to manufacturing use non-contact long body sensors for applications, including object tracking, fill level measurement, object detection, distance measurement, and more.

U*18 Series Ultrasonic Sensors

elobau’s U*18 series ultrasonic sensors offer maximum functionality and precision even under demanding conditions. The long body sensors come with durable stainless steel or plastic PBT housing and have a detection range up to 2.2m. U*18 series ultrasonic sensors also feature temperature compensation to maintain accuracy over an operating temperature range of -20°C to +70°C.
Additional features of M18 ultrasonic long body sensors include:
  • Sleek and long design allows the use of multiple sensors in smaller spaces
  • Withstands harsh operating environments
  • Ideal for applications involving fast-moving or irregularly shaped objects
  • NPN, PNP, 2X NPN, or 2X PNP output
  • Blind zone up to 200mm
  • Models with 2 digital outputs or 1 analog and 1 digital output
  • Operating modes include retro-reflective, window, switching point, or hysteresis
  • Industry 4.0-ready models with IO-Link compatibility available
  • CCC and UL approvals

Ultrasonic Long Body Sensors for Industry 4.0

M18 ultrasonic long body sensors have the technology and features required for standard and Industry 4.0 applications. Setup can be done either via teach-in button or through IO-Link.  Each sensor also features a synchronization and multiplex mode where simultaneous operation of several sensors can be used in tight spaces without problems.

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