Industrial Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Ultrasonic long body and short body sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are a highly reliable method of detecting objects and measuring distance and fill level. These versatile, non-contact sensors are compatible with virtually any industrial application and proven to be an excellent alternative to optical or capacitive sensors.

Explore our Ultrasonic Sensors, Switches, and Level Transmitters:

M18 Ultrasonic Short Body Sensors and Switches

M18 Ultrasonic short body sensors feature a compact and robust design that performs well in extreme conditions. This ultrasonic sensor is manufactured from PBT plastic or stainless-steel housing material and features five modes.
Select from analog or digital output options and a max measurement range of 1200mm.

M18 Ultrasonic Long Body Sensors and Switches

Our M18 ultrasonic long body sensors feature diffuse, retroreflective, and combo operating modes and offer functionality and precision for demanding operating conditions. Choose from PBT plastic or stainless-steel housing, digital or analog outputs, and a maximum measurement range up to 2200mm.

M30 Ultrasonic Sensors and Switches

M30 ultrasonic sensors are ideal for long-distance detection and come in five different operating modes with a maximum measurement range of 8000mm. Select from a durable PBT plastic or stainless-steel housing and analog and/or digital outputs.

UDA18 ATEX Ultrasonic Sensor and Switch

UDA18 ATEX ultrasonic sensors are designed for applications involving dust or explosive gas and are suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas,and other industrial applications. These ultrasonic sensors are offered with PBT plastic or stainless-steel housing, digital or analog outputs, and a maximum measurement range of 2200mm.Ultrasonic Level Sensors are a precise and flexible solution for any application.
Level sensors operate by emitting and receiving ultrasonic waves that reflect off the surface of a target. The waves or pulses are generated and received by a transducer housed within the sensor unit. Once a wave emits, the transducer tracks the amount of time it takes to receive the reflected waves. Distance is then measured by calculating the time with the sonic speed.
The durability, reliability, and versatility of ultrasonic level sensors make them an ideal solution for industrial applications, including those involving extreme conditions. They have a large measurement range and are unaffected by dust, moisture, and target materials and colors, providing an advantage over using optical sensors.

Level Sensors designed for harsh, rugged environments

Our sensors have a robust housing to handle industrial environments and challenging off-highway operations. The non-contact operation guarantees precise detection of liquid, solid, granular or powdery substances even under extreme environmental conditions. 

Ultrasonic Sensors provide accurate level measurement in extreme conditions

Vibrating transducers reduce media adhesion to the sensor.  Even with precipitation, humidity, dust, smoke, and at extreme temperatures, ultrasonic liquid level sensors reliably detect product within a range up to 8 meters.

Reliable synchronization in applications involving multiple ultrasonic sensors

Synchronization and multiplexing allow users to avoid  "crosstalk," which occurs when signals transmitted by an ultrasonic level sensor create an undesired effect in adjacently mounted sensors. Eliminating crosstalk guarantees reliable operation, even in tight installation situations.

Flexible designs for use in virtually any industrial application

Industrial level sensors are designed to fit anywhere and handle almost every possible liquid or solid level measurement application. Three different cylindrical designs allow an effortless integration into any machine environment and offer different operating modes in connection with various analog and digital outputs. Get the reliable, non-contact measurement you need for everything from fuel level monitoring to sophisticated IIOT applications.

What Are I/O Link Capable Ultrasonic Sensors?

I/O link capable ultrasonic sensors enable users to configure the sensor via software and can monitor sensors in the field. These ultrasonic sensors report actual process value in real-time and are Industry 4.0 ready without recalibration.

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