Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic long body and short body sensors
Our sensors are used both in an industrial environment as well as challenging off-highway operations. elobau ultrasonic sensors feature a robust housing design and our non-contact operation guarantees the precise detection of liquid, solid, granular or powdery substances even under extreme environmental conditions.

Precise, reliable and flexible solution for every application

Even with precipitation, humidity, dust, smoke and at extreme temperatures ultrasonic sensors are able to reliably detect product due to vibrating transducers which ensure a reduced adherence of media to the sensor.  With our product range, we are able to sense or measure up to 8 meters.

Fits everywhere. Three different cylindrical designs allow an effortless integration into any machine environment and offer different operating modes in connection with various analog and digital outputs

Our Ultrasonic Sensors are reliable in an industrial environment

The right solution for almost every possible application. Synchronization and multiplexing allow users to avoid  "crosstalk" with other sensors and guarantee reliable operation even in tight installation situations.

What Is I/O Link?

elobau also offers I/O link capable ultrasonic sensors that enable the user to configure the sensor via software and also to have the ability to monitor sensors in the field making them Industry 4.0 capable.


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