Ultrasonic level sensor, series 2UF

Ultrasonic level sensor, series 2UF
elobau’s Series 2UF ultrasonic level sensor is the perfect solution for challenging fluid level measurement applications, such as monitoring diesel fuel in agricultural machinery and construction equipment. Our ultrasonic level measurement technology is also ideally suited to monitoring fuel levels in stationary tanks and storage vessels.

Features of Series 2UF ultrasonic level sensors

  • Contact-free ultrasonic level measurement
  • No moving parts for wear-free operation
  • Analog output
  • Measurement resolution: 1mm max.
  • Head protection class: IP67 and IPX9K
  • Broad operational temperature range: -40°C to 105°C (-40°F to 221°F)
  • Temperature compensation
  • Focus tube length (optional): 1200mm max.
  • Material: PA
  • Current or voltage output

High precision ultrasonic level sensors

The 2UF ultrasonic tank level sensor is engineered for completely contact-free level measurement of nearly any type of liquid or fluid. Thanks to their contactless technology, they’re ideal for monitoring products that do not permit the introduction of foreign materials.
This ultrasonic tank level sensor is easily programmed to accommodate for oscillations and turbulence that could otherwise affect readings. The 2UF sensor also accounts for vessels with complex or unique geometries, giving you accurate level measurement no matter where your liquids/fluids are stored. Measurement all the way to the bottom of the tank is possible
elobau’s Series 2UF ultrasonic level sensor is easy to install thanks to a compact design, a 4-hole mounting flange, and a 3-pole Superseal plug. With no moving parts and durable materials of construction, it will provide many years of dependable use.
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