Series S1 Suction Pipe Level Measurement Sensors

S10 Suction Pipe
elobau’s suction pipe level measurement technology delivers reliable and versatile monitoring for use with a variety of liquids. Commonly used in dosing liquids in car washes, dish washers, and similar processes, Series S1 sensors are adaptable to a wide range of applications.

Innovative suction pipe level measurement technology

Our innovative technology combines suction and level measurement in a single device. Depth is fully adjustable, with as many as two discrete set points. Elobau suction pipe level measurement sensors will keep your pumps from running dry, and feature an integrated check valve that prevents fluids from back flushing into the new vessel when changing containers.
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What features does the S1 suction pipe level measurement sensor have?

  • Reed switch technology for accurate, reliable level readings
  • Head protection class: IP65
  • Protection class below mounting: IP67
  • Adjustable depth over the full length of the tube
  • Materials: PVC, PP
  • Up to 2 switch points
  • Temperature range: -25° to 100°C (-13° to 212°F)
  • Multiple hose connection options
  • Elbows available
Available with one or two switch points for level indication. A variety of switch configurations and voltages are available to meet your unique requirements. Adjustable depth allows for use in containers of various depths. Optional elbows are available.

Reliable, accurate suction pipe level measurement for your application

Use the filters below to find a Series S1 suction pipe level measurement sensor for your application. Part numbers listed are a sampling of the various lengths, switch configurations, and voltages we offer.
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  • Head protection class: IP65
  • Protection class below mounting: IP67
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