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Reliable and Versatile Suction Pipe Level Monitoring Solutions

Suction pipe level sensors have a compact design and are primarily used in fluid dosing applications to pump liquids from tanks, canisters, barrels, and other containers.  These sensors have an integrated float switch to prevent dry running. A built-in check valve also keeps fluids from back flushing into the new container during changing.
The versatility of suction pipe sensors allows use as a level monitoring sensor when needed, making them ideal for car washes, washing machines, and industrial dishwashing applications.

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Corrosion Resistant Suction Pipe Level Sensors

elobau has over 40 years of experience helping customers solve their challenging problems. We designed our configurable suction pipe level sensors with programmable switching points and an option of PVC or PP tube and flow valve materials for corrosion resistance. The adjustable depth allows multiple container size usage with one suction pipe sensor, so there’s no need for multiple devices.

Suction Pipe Level Monitoring Applications

We design versatility into all our level monitoring products. Use our suction pipe sensors for dosing liquids in a range of industrial applications, including: 

Features of elobau's Suction Pipe Level monitoring

  • Level measurement based on reed switches
  • Adjustable depth
  • Various hose connections available
  • Elbows also available
  • Material:  PVC, PP
  • Contact form A, B & C
  • Up to 2 switch points
  • Temperature range:  -25°C to +100°C
  • Protection class of IP65 to IP67
Suction and level are combined in a single unit.  Depth is completely adjustable over the length of tube above the level sensor.  Up to 2 discrete setpoints are possible.  Different connectors for hoses are also available.  Materials of PVC and PP provide a wide range of solutions.  Form A & B contacts are available in single or dual switches, i.e., 2-A, 2-B, 1-A & 1-B with a single common.

Our versatile pipe level sensors can handle a myriad of applications all with a single part number.

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We work with customers across various industries to create reliable and versatile level monitoring solutions. Request a quote on a suction pipe sensor for your level monitoring application, or contact elobau to learn more about our product line.
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