Smart Farming Applications
The global population is growing, leading to an increased demand for  food. The growing demand places pressure on commercial farmers to increase their yields, which requires the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology and devices to increase the efficiency of farming management practices.
Smart agriculture helps agribusinesses meet growing demands by providing analytics and other tools that help farmers, ranchers, and others involved in agriculture gather and analyze data including weather, soil conditions, fertilization, and other factors used to assess growing conditions. Smart farming technologies also aid in the tracking and monitoring the health and location of livestock in feedlots and pastures.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Smart Agriculture

The LoRa module for smart farming provides agribusinesses with a cost-effective way to incorporate technology that will help their business grow. elobau’s smart farming technology helps you grow more with less waste by effectively managing the planting, irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting of your crops. The addition of a GPS, GNSS, and Galileo positioning module also makes it possible to track activities across your farm.
A few examples of what you can do with LoRa technology for farming management include:
  • Detect fill levels in water tanks or animal waste receptacles
  • Receive signals from ultrasonic sensors to monitor soil temperature, humidity, and salinity
  • Track livestock to monitor their health and detect their location
  • Monitor the location of farming equipment and machinery

Increase the Efficiency of Your Agribusiness with the LoRa Module for Smart Farming

Multipurpose LoRa modules from elobau are stand-alone devices that operate using battery power for up to 30 weeks of operation before battery replacement is needed. Alternatively, use the module with Lilon accu/solar panels for up to a few years of unattended operation.  
The LoRa module for smart farming features long-range WAN that spans up to 15 km (9.32 miles) outdoors and in rural areas for ample coverage. Fully encrypted, bi-directional communication provides a reliable connection between devices while keeping your data safe. Place your smart agriculture modules at free will for local, private coverage or log into the network of a LoRa service provider for larger coverage.
Additional features include:
  • Single housing provides an IP53 protection class for smart farming applications.  
  • Includes four M12 connectors for attaching different sensors to the LoRa end node, including a mixture of analogue and digital signals
  • 12mm stainless steel tube provides mounting preparation as a ground spike

Read more about the technology behind our LoRa modules for smart agriculture.

Learn More About Smart Farming Technologies from elobau

Today’s farming management practices require technology to keep you keep up with growing demands. Contact us to learn more about how the LoRa module for smart farming can benefit your agribusiness.