Side Mount Level Sensor

Side Mount Level Sensor
Side mount level switches operate based on non-contact magnetic float and reed switch technology and are actuated by a rise or fall in fluid levels. Non-contact sensors offer broad fluid compatibility and are ideal for operations involving chemicals or high-temperature fluids. Designed for single point tank monitoring, side mount level sensors can be mounted from inside the tank and outside the tank using a compression grommet or tapped hole.  This design accommodates large or small tanks and vessels, allowing use in a broad range of level measurement applications.

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Side Mount Level Switches Designed for Demanding Operating Environments

elobau’s side mount level switches feature a rugged design for harsh operating environments and come in an option of polypropylene or polypropylene material for compatibility with virtually any type of liquid. The option of threaded grommets or compression grommets also provides versatility for different mounting needs.  The float can be either hinged or connected by a Teflon® flap based on your requirements.  Teflon® flaps are ideal for liquid with particulate matter that may impede the movement of the hinged float.

Our level measurement solutions are in applications ranging from car washes to hydraulic power operations and have a reputation for quality. We always stay on the cutting edge of technology to provide reliable solutions for even the most challenging applications.

Features of elobau’s Side Mount Level Sensors

These side mount level switches come with cable or M12 connections.  Internal or external mounting threads are also available. A standard hinge is provided on the broken fingerstyle or Teflon if materials can accumulate on the hinge.  Our switches can also be mounted in either direction to indicate open or closed when the level changes.  The broad temperature range means you can use our sensors outdoors without issues.
  • Side mount
  • Threaded or compression grommet
  • Hinge float (standard)
  • Reed based float
  • Form A, B or C contacts
  • Teflon® flap (fluids particulate matter)
  • Polyamide or polypropylene material
  • IP67
  • -25° to +105°C broken finger or +100°C on float style
  • Various cable lengths available
  • M12 connectors available

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We create level measurement solutions across industries and have the expertise to help you handle unique measurement challenges. Our side mount level switches are highly versatile and built for long-lasting durability. Request a quote on a side mount level sensor for your application, or contact elobau to learn more.
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