Roll processing, thickness and slack monitoringRoll Thickness
Ultrasonic sensors: Distance measuring:

elobau ultrasonic sensors can be used in a variety of ways for monitoring and automating roll-to-roll and roll processing applications. Our ultrasonic sensors are available in a variety of configurations for housing material, sensing range, and output signal formats with digital switching, analog, or a combination of both, to suit a wide variety of applications. Some examples would include:
  • Roll Thickness Measuring:
elobau ultrasonic sensors can be used to monitor the roll thickness in various sheet processing or
printing applications. The ultrasonic sensors can be used in either digital switch-mode to trigger when the processing roll is full or depleted. It can also be used with the analog output to simultaneously get real-time readings for what percentage of the roll has been processed in real-time.
Ultrasonic Roll Thickness Monitoring
  • Roll Slack Monitoring:
The fast, digital switching of the ultrasonic sensors can also be used to monitor the slack in the sheet as it is processed from roll to roll. If the sheet exceeds a pre-programmed window for allowable slack in the sheet, a signal is sent to either trigger an alarm, indicate a technician, or control a motor to adjust the slack.
Ultrasonic Sag Monitoring
  • Tear Monitoring:
Another potential benefit of using ultrasonic sensors for slack monitoring is the ability to detect defects in the sheet such as a tear. The ultrasonic pulse will travel through the sheet in the condition of a tear. This abrupt change in distance measurement to the sheet can trigger a stoppage in process to realign the sheet roll.
Ultrasonic Tear Monitoring


Ultrasonics for Roll Thickness Measurement

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