Ultrasonic sensors are the best way to sense an object's proximity or measure levels with high reliability, accuracy, and precision. Ultrasonic level sensors provide repeatable results in most industrial measuring applications. To meet the needs of these applications, ultrasonic technology comes with various mode sensors. Each ultrasonic mode has its own strengths, limitations, and configurations.
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Ultrasonic Modes & Output Options for Any Industrial Application

A variety of ultrasonic sensors are available to meet the needs of virtually any industrial application. Different operating mode sensors can be set by using appropriate assembly options to ensure your ultrasonic sensor meets your application’s exact specifications.

Diffuse Mode

Diffuse mode ultrasonic sensors are the most commonly applied ultrasonic technology. The ultrasonic level transmitter and receiver are integrated in one housing with a single sensor head. Alignment is of utmost importance as the target is used as a reflector. When diffuse mode is paired with window sensors, foreground and background suppression can be achieved.

Retroreflective Ultrasonic Sensors

Retroreflective ultrasonic level sensors bounce the ultrasonic signal off a reference reflector. When there is no object between the sensor and reference, the soundwaves constantly echo. When an object enters the detection range, the ultrasonic transmitter measures the distance to that object. Retroreflective ultrasonic modes are particularly suited to sound-absorbing or hard-to-detect objects, like windshields, as blind zones are non-existent with this sensor.

Single Point Mode

Single point mode ultrasonic sensors are comprised of two independent switching points. These switching points, when within the measuring zone, are independently programmable. Additional single point ultrasound sensors features include a switching signal to alert you when the target or medium has reached the switching point, are switchable between NO/NC, and much more.

Hysteresis Mode

Also known as two-point mode, hysteresis mode allows sensors to turn on and off at varied points, providing more control for a single switch. This sensor mode works well with level measurement applications, pumping applications, and other uses involving a single setpoint. No signal change occurs outside of the hysteresis mode window. Ultimately, hysteresis mode sensors prevent continuous operations that wear down the safety system and cause premature failure.

Window Mode Sensors

Window sensors are available in all variants with two digital outputs. The signal switches when the object is within the switching window. There is no signal change when the object is only partially within the switching window because the first echo is detected outside of sensing parameters. As with other sensor modes, all switching points are independently programmable, and NO/NC is switchable.

Combined Outputs

Combined outputs allow for the realization of an increasing or decreasing characteristic curve in combination with different digital operational modes, including window sensors, hysteresis mode, and single-point mode.

Analog & Digital Outputs for Ultrasonic Sensors

Analog and digital outputs are available with either one digital output or one analog output with no combinations possible. Analog and digital outputs can be applied to window sensors (or single-point mode if P1=P2), and the logic cannot be set by changing P1/P2.

High-Quality Industrial Ultrasonic Sensors, Transmitters & Transducers

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Ultrasonic Sensors with IO-Link

When you choose an ultrasonic sensor with IO-link from elobau, you’re choosing the most advanced ultrasonic technology available. This ultrasonic technology reports actual process values in real time and features:
  • Adjustable parameters
  • NO or NC-function with start- or switching-off delay
  • Output characteristics: single-point mode, hysteresis, or window function
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Filter function for fast motion sequences
  • Diagnosis of echo quality
  • Operation-hour counter
  • And much, much more.

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