Ultrasonic Sensors: Vehicle Applications:

elobau ultrasonic sensors can be used in a variety of vehicle applications from agriculture, construction, and municipality vehicles. Ultrasonic sensors can be used in analog mode for distance measurement or digital switching mode for human presence detection such as for safety purposes. Plus, their ruggedness to temperature, shock, and vibration make them suitable for outdoor applications. Some examples can be seen below:
  • Agriculture Vehicles: 
On crop sprayers, the UD series, with up to 6 meter sensing range, can be used to automatically adjust the height of sprayer booms in real time based on the height of the crop from the ground. This ensures maximum efficiency of product dispersion and saves money by minimizing overspray.
  • Asphalt Pavers:
In construction vehicles such as asphalt machines, the UD series ultrasonic sensors can be used in a variety of ways. Not only can they be used for monitoring fuel levels and the level of we asphalt in the machine but also to monitor the height of asphalt deposited onto the road surface.
  • Road Sweepers:
Similar to asphalt pavers, the UD series ultrasonic sensors can be used in analog mode to detect the height of the cleaning brushes to the road surface. Depending on the conditions this feedback can be programed to adjust the height of the cleaning brushes as necessary.
  • Operator Presence Detection:
Lastly, ultrasonic sensors can be used for operator presence detection for added safety features to vehicles. This could include ensuring the operator is seated correctly in the seat or otherwise triggering an alarm or locking out certain functions. Another example could be ensuring a refuse collector is clear of the area before returning the dumpster. 


Ultrasonics for Off-Highway applications

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