AG SprayerUltrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic waves to measure distance and have a wide range of uses including fluid monitoring and object detection.

In the commercial industry, heavy equipment sensors are used to improve safety by alerting operators of obstacles and moving vehicles in their immediate surroundings. Agriculture sensor technology is also extremely versatile and involves using ultrasonic detectors for level measurement, fertilizer application, and monitoring crops.

Ultrasonic Sensors for Agriculture & Construction Applications

elobau ultrasonic sensors can be used in a variety of vehicle applications from agriculture, construction, and municipality vehicles. Ultrasonic sensors can be used in analog mode for distance measurement or digital switching mode for human presence detection such as for safety purposes. Plus, their ruggedness to temperature, shock, and vibration makes them suitable for outdoor applications.

Ultrasonic Agriculture Sensors and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Sensors

M18 Long Metallic

M18 Ultrasonic Long Body Sensor

Ultrasonic agriculture sensors measure distance by emitting and receiving ultrasound waves through piezoelectric components. A transducer tracks the amount of time it takes to receive the emitted waves, which is then used to calculate distance. The high precision of this technology allows for reliable object detection and distance measurement in a range of applications.
M30 Metallic

M30 Ultrasonic Sensor

M30 ultrasonic agriculture sensors feature powerful electronics for long-range object detection and filling heights up to 8m. The maintenance-free design resists exposure to moisture, mist, dust, and contamination, making these sensors compatible with a variety of operating environments. A sensor range of 40 to 8000 mm ensures reliable object detection and fill level monitoring in indoor or outdoor applications

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Agriculture Sensor Technology for Fluid Monitoring

Agriculture sensor technology is used for various applications including improving visibility on moving equipment and monitoring fuel and fluid levels. On crop sprayers, the UD series, with up to an 8-meter sensing range, can be used to automatically adjust the height of sprayer booms in real-time based on the height of the crop from the ground. This ensures maximum efficiency of product dispersion and saves money by minimizing overspray.

Agriculture Sensors for Crop & Field Management

Agriculture sensors are also used for monitoring irrigation systems and soil properties. Ultrasonic agriculture sensors can be used to monitor irrigation systems to prevent overwatering and underwatering damages crops.  In soil monitoring, agriculture sensor technology is useful for monitoring and controlling the application of pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers.
Whether it’s monitoring plant growth, controlling chemical application, or assessing irrigation needs, ultrasonic sensors help improve crop control and management to increase the efficiency of your farm.

Heavy Equipment Sensors for Accurate Detection and Monitoring

Heavy equipment sensors provide accurate monitoring that helps operators avoid collisions with moving vehicles and stationary obstacles in multiple directions and under normal and low visibility operating conditions.  Ultrasonic sensors are used for a range of vehicles and equipment, including:
  • Forklifts
  • Earthmovers
  • Forestry harvesters
  • Agricultural planters, fertilizer, and sprayers
  • Fire trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Buses
  • And more

Asphalt Pavement Sensors

In construction vehicles such as asphalt pavers, the UD series ultrasonic sensors can be used in a variety of ways. Not only can they be used for monitoring fuel levels and the level of asphalt in the machine but also to monitor the height of asphalt deposited onto the road surface.
The UD series ultrasonic sensors can also be used in analog mode on road sweepers to detect the height of the cleaning brushes to the road surface. Depending on the conditions this feedback can be programmed to adjust the height of the cleaning brushes as necessary.

Ultrasonic Sensors Help Improve Safety on and Off the Road

Ultrasonic sensors can help increase safety both off and on the road. Poor driving conditions, unseen obstacles, and delayed reaction times can all lead to dangerous collisions that result in serious injury or property damage. Some of these risks can be prevented by installing ultrasonic sensors in blind spots on trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles and equipment.
Heavy equipment sensors are used in conjunction with a camera monitoring system and screen display installed in the vehicle interior.  They may also incorporate the use of visual or audible alert systems that sound a buzzer or alarm when the sensors detect a moving or stationary object.
Our ultrasonic sensors can be used for operator presence detection and for added safety features to vehicles. This could include ensuring the operator is seated correctly in the seat or otherwise triggering an alarm or locking out certain functions. Another example could be ensuring a refuse collector is clear of the area before returning the dumpster. 

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