Miniature Float Switch

20300 series mini float switch
Designed for single point tank monitoring, these compact liquid-level switches are available in different materials and are compatible with a wide range of fluids, temperatures, and pressures.  Their operation is based on non-contact magnetic float and reed switch technology. 

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Features of elobau’s Miniature Float Switches

  • Materials: polypropylene, polyamide, stainless steel, PVC
  • Thread sizes of G 1/8”, G 3/8”, G ¾”, G 1” G 1 ½”, PG 7, 1/8” NPT, ¼” NPT, ½” NPT, ¾” NPT, 1” NPT
  • Up to IP68
  • N.O, N.C, Form C (single pole double throw)
  • -25° C to 150° C
  • External or internal threaded mounting
  • Side mount
  • Top mount
  • Various cable lengths available
  • M12 connector available
  • Rising / falling trigger points

These versatile sensors offer a single float design in a myriad of materials to work with most liquid compositions.  Deviation from vertical can be as high as + 30°.  Strokes can be as short as 40mm.  Custom units are also possible, just ask us.

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