Machine Tool Level Sensors
The robust nature of elobau’s level sensors is perfectly suited for machine tool applications. From coolant sumps to cutting oil & hydraulic fluid reservoirs, these well-proven level sensors work in a variety of media while serving under extremely harsh conditions. Suction capability and temperature sensing can be integrated into several models. Custom sensors can also be developed with very fast turnaround times.

Level Sensors

  • Float Switch Sensors – Float switch sensors are designed for machine tool applications that require a wide range of fluids, temperatures, and pressures. The float switch sensors can be mounted on the top or on the side and have an external or internal threaded mounting design. Our switch sensors will actively respond in temperatures ranging from -25° to 150° C.
  • Ultrasonic Level Measurement Sensors – Ultrasonic level measurement sensors are specially engineered for contactless fluid level monitoring of stored car wash fluids. These sensors can provide level solutions in outdoor temperatures ranging from -40° to 105° C. These sensors provide product level solutions that are reliable and cost-effective.
Click on the links below for detailed spec information on our float switch sensors and level sensors that are specifically made for machine tool use.  
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