M30 Ultrasonic Sensors

M30 Ultrasonic Sensor
M30 ultrasonic sensors feature powerful electronics for long-range object detection and filling heights up to 8m. The maintenance-free design resists exposure to moisture, mist, dust, and contamination, making these sensors compatible with a variety of operating environments. A sensor range of 40 to 8000 mm ensures reliable object detection and fill level monitoring in indoor or outdoor applications

Advantages of M30 ultrasonic sensors include:

  • High sensitivity ultrasonic object detection and fill level sensors
  • Internal temperature compensation
  • Three operating modes in a single sensor
  • Industry 4.0 compatible options available

Long-Range Ultrasonic Object Detection and Fill Level Sensors

The Series U * 30 from elobau is ideal for applications requiring a long-distance ultrasonic sensor range. Setup can be done either via the teach-in button or through IO-Link, which provides more accessible programming and allows the user to change specific parameters.
Our M30 product line features a PBT plastic or stainless-steel housing suitable for use in any environment. Select from ultrasonic fill level sensor models with either 2 digital outputs or 1 digital and 1 analog output to meet your setup requirements.

Use the M30 ultrasonic sensor in a broad range of monitoring and detection applications, such as:
  • Counting and object detection in manufacturing and automation applications
  • Sag and tear monitoring during paper production
  • Height detection in smart farming applications
  • Oil level sensors for monitoring fluid levels in machinery  
  • Hydraulic level sensors for leak and fill detection in motors and cylinders

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Ultrasonic sensors from elobau offer the precision you need in a maintenance-free design. The wide ultrasonic sensor range and rugged design make our sensors the perfect choice for today’s demanding applications. Select from the products above to request a quote or contact us to learn more.