M18 Ultrasonic Short Body

M18 Ultrasonic Short Body
Ultrasonic short body sensors transmit and receive high-frequency soundwaves to detect the presence of objects and measure the level of liquids, solids, and powders. Piezoelectric components vibrate to produce the soundwaves, which are received by a transducer. Distance is calculated by measuring the time it takes for the signal to return to the sensor.  
Short body sensors are ultra-sensitive and provide interference-free detection, even with the presence of moisture, dust, and other contaminants.  The versatility of ultrasonic sensors makes them ideal for fill level detection, counting, distance measurement, presence detection, and much more.
A few examples of typical applications for M18 short design sensors include:
  • Car washes
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Commercial dishwashing equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Smart farming
  • Waste management

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M18 Short Design Sensors Offer Flexibility in a Compact Design

M18 ultrasonic short body sensors can work as a reflection button or as a reflection barrier and come with selectable output forms to offer flexibility for measuring and switching applications. Thanks to the compact and robust design, the U * 18S short body sensor is an optimal solution for severe operating conditions. 

Our sensors feature temperature compensation and come with either stainless steel or PBT plastic housing material. Additional features of M18 short body sensors include:

  • Operating range up to 1.2m
  • Push-pull outputs
  • Accurate detection of irregularly shaped objects
  • Selectable switching frequency
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Models with diffuse, retroreflective, or combo operation mode
  • CCC and UL approval
  • Industry 4.0 ready, IO-Link communication interface available on some models

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M18 Ultrasonic Short Body Sensor Operation Modes

Our configurable short body sensors operate in several modes to provide you with a flexible solution for your distance measuring application. Click on each of the mode options below to learn more about features and applications

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