M18 ATEX Ultrasonic Sensor

M18 ATEX ultrasonic sensor
Under the European Directive, applications involving explosive substances, flammable gases, and other hazards require sensors that do not introduce a source of ignition to volatile operating environments. Our ATEX sensors meet gas (EX) version: II 3G Ex nA IIC T6 Gc (zone 2) and dust (EX) version: I 3D Ex tc IIIB T60°C Dc (Zone 22) requirements. 

ATEX Level Sensors for Hazardous Operating Environments

M18 ATEX ultrasonic sensors have the same functions and features such as our U * 18 series sensors, but were specially developed for use in gas and dust explosive atmospheres environments. These sensors meet ATEX health and safety requirements while providing the high-sensitivity and range you expect from an ultrasonic sensor.
ATEX ultrasonic level sensors are versatile and provide reliable measurement regardless of material color, transparency, gloss, or other surface characteristics.  Additional product features and benefits include:
  • PBT plastic or stainless-steel housing
  • NPN or PNP digital switching output
  • Option of two max measurement ranges: 100-900mm or 200-2200mm
  • Option of 4…20mA or 0…10V analog output
  • Resists exposure to dust, mist, and moisture
  • Synchronization and multiplex mode
  • Features four operating modes: retro-reflective, window, hysteresis, and switching point

M18 ATEX Ultrasonic Sensor Products

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Requirements for ATEX Approved Sensors

ATEX is a European Union Directive that applies to equipment and protective systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Though not relevant in the U.S., ATEX is in some ways similar to OSHA and NEC standards—but it is not a replacement for these standards.  The two directives are outlined as follows:

  • Directive 99/22/EC (ATEX 137) describes the minimum requirements for improving health and safety in work environments where there’s a risk of explosion.
  • Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) pertains to equipment used in explosive environments and ensures the equipment is fit for its intended purpose.

Our ATEX approved sensors meet safety requirements established by the European Committee for Standardization and are suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas applications. We offer precision ATEX proximity sensors in a wide range of options to meet your object detection and level monitoring needs.

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Our ATEX liquid level sensors are designed for precision and reliable performance in a range of uses and operating environments.  Select from the products above to request a quote or contact us to discuss whether you need an ATEX approved sensor for your application.