LoRa Wireless Module Sensors

LoRa sensors are widely used in IoT (Internet of Things) applications.  These long-range WAN sensors can handle millions of nodes, allowing several applications to run on the same network with less infrastructure than Wi-Fi. LoRa wireless modules can be placed at free will to provide private coverage or can be logged into the network of a long-range WAN service provider to interconnect devices.
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Designed as a multipurpose prototype

The Technology Behind elobau’s LoRa Wireless Module

LoRa gateways from elobau provide bi-directional communication with end-to-end encryption to protect your data and privacy. These low-power wireless modules have a range of 3 km (1.86 miles) indoors or in urban areas and 15 km (9.32 miles) outdoors or in rural areas.
Our LoRa module sensors work by transmitting data to a wireless gateway that propagates data to the network through 868 MHz (Europe) or 915 MHz (USA) wireless bands. The data is then received by a LoRa application that decides whether and which data to respond to the long-range end node.

LoRa Module Sensor Features and Specifications

The elobau LoRa module provides four M12 connectors that can be used to connect different sensors to the LoRa end node. All four connector sensors can be mixed and matched to accommodate both analog and digital signals. Our LoRa wireless modules also support sensors with serial interface (I2C, UART, SDI-12). An option of battery power or Lilon/solar panel operation accommodates different operating needs.

We Help You Work and Operate Smarter with LoRaWAN Communication

LoRa modules interconnect devices for commercial and industrial applications and are integral for the creation of smart cities. Our multipurpose long-range end nodes feature GPS, GNSS, and Galileo modules for accurate positioning and are a scalable solution for IoT (Internet of Things) applications such as:  

 Smart Farming TechnologiesWaste Management SolutionsParking Space ManagementGenerator Fuel Level Sensors    HVAC Sensor Solutions
  • Smart Farming: Monitoring soil temperature, humidity, and salinity for large-scale farming.  LoRa gateways also feature GPS for tracking and monitoring for cattle and livestock.
  • Waste Management: Detecting fill levels in tanks, disposal containers, and other waste receptacles. Monitoring levels prevents overfilling and allows waste removal companies to provide more demand-oriented emptying services.
  • Parking Space Management: Sharing the status of parking stalls to people can use Apps to find and reserve open spots in surface lots and parking ramps.
  • Generator Fuel Level Sensors: Monitoring generator fuel level sensors to measure diesel fuel temperatures and tank levels.  
  • HVAC Sensor Solutions: Manage communications between multiple HVAC sensors to monitor and manage temperature, pressure, and fluid levels.

Learn more about long range end nodes in our LoRa Wireless Gateway Knowledge Base

Discover the elobau Difference

At elobau, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest technology. We designed our IoT LoRa wireless modules for use in applications across a wide range of industries. A robust design ensures reliable operations and accurate sensor readings under a variety of conditions and environments.  Request a quote today or contact us to discuss your custom LoRa module requirements.