Water & Fluid Sensor for Pumps

water fluid level monitoring sensors for pumps

Maintaining continuous production and avoiding dry run operation is critical in any pump application. One simple, cost-effective way to ensure reliable operation is by installing pump float level sensors. Water level sensors monitor fluid levels inside your pump and send feedback to a controller or the pump, causing it to automatically start or stop operation based on the level. There’s no need for digital displays or complicated software—the level switch does all the work for you.

Fluid Level Monitoring Sensors for Pumps Benefits

Installing pump level switches helps prevent damaging dry operation and can help improve the overall pump system efficiency. These simple yet effective devices are ideal for any facility using industrial pumps, from food and beverage production to mining.

High-Accuracy Fluid Level Monitoring for Pumps

Miniature Float Switch Sensors are ideal for pumps because of their compact design. These pump level sensors deliver high accuracy fluid level detection and are compatible with a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Reed technology offers robust and reliable operation in a variety of fluids, including caustic chemicals. Designed to be hermetically isolated from the environment, reed float level sensors are more reliable than other types of level sensors.

Compact and Robust Pump Level Switches

Elobau’s level monitoring sensors have a robust design to handle virtually any operating environment. These sensors mount on the top or on the side of a tank and have an external or internal threaded mounting design. Our water level switches actively respond in temperatures ranging from -25° to 150°C and come in various cable lengths.

2010 Series Miniature Float Switch

These top mount pump level sensors are IP67 rated and have a 48V max. switching voltage. Available corrosion-resistant materials include PVC, PP, PVDF, and PA. Contact form options include N.O., N.C., and C.O.

209411800 Series Miniature Float Switch

Our side-mount float level switches are IP67 rated and have a 48V max. voltage. These pump level sensors are made from stainless steel and have a N.O. contact form. Stainless steel pump float switches meet sterilization requirements for medical and food and beverage applications.

We also offer custom tank level sensors for specialty applications. Customization options include the type of materials used, probe length, and single or multiple discrete outputs. 

Learn More About Our Float Level Sensors for Pumps

elobau provides standard products and customized solutions, allowing OEMs to select the right features for their application. Contact us today to learn more about fluid level monitoring sensors for pumps. You can also use our online specification tool to design a pump fluid level sensor based on your requirements.