Machine Tool Level SensorsNo matter the size of the pump it's important that your product remains in continuous production and avoids dry-run operation.  elobau float level sensors are designed to be simple, cost-effective ways to easily control the level of fluid inside your pump.  This measurement provides feedback to a controller or directly to the pump which will either stop or start based on the level.  
From our standard products to our customized solutions, elobau can provide reliable monitoring that fits your requirements.  Our reed technology offers robust and reliable operation in a variety of fluids - including caustic chemicals.  The advantage of reed sensors is that they are more reliable due their hermetic isolation from the environment.  elobau’s solutions allow OEM’s to select the right features that fit your application.  These options include the type of materials used, and the length of the probe, and single or multiple discrete outputs. 
elobau offers various mounting styles including side mount and top mount allowing the option for what best fits the application. 

Level Sensors for Pumps

  • Float Switch Sensors – Float switch sensors are designed for machine tool applications that require a wide range of fluids, temperatures, and pressures.  The float switch sensors can be mounted on the top or on the side and have an external or internal threaded mounting design.  Our switch sensors will actively respond in temperatures ranging from -25° to 150° C.
Click on the links below for detailed spec information on our float switch sensors that are specifically made for chemical processing.
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