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What is IO-Link?

  • Worldwide first standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9)
  • Consistent communication from the control up to the sensor level
  • No fieldbus
  • Universal interface, being compatible with all current fieldbus systems
  • No standard data profile, provided by leading manufacturers
    • Sensor/ actuator data profiles are different
    • No 1:1 replacement of sensors from different manufacturers possible
Strengths and Advantages of IO-LinkStrengths and Advantages of IO-Link 2


IO-Link features of elobau Ultrasonic Sensors (adjustable parameters)

  • Reports actual process value in real-time
  • NO or NC-function with start-/ switching-off delay
  • Output characteristics: Single point mode-, hysteresis- or window function
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Filter function for fast motion sequences
  • Diagnosis of the echo quality
  • Operation-hour counter
  • Enabling/ disabling of the push button (lockout)
  • Fade-out of the background
  • Inputs can be configurated independently (à Advantage over SIO-mode)
  • SIO-mode

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