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elobau sensors are designed to last inside a generator’s extreme environmental conditions. elobau fuel level sensors will accurately measure diesel fuel temperatures from -40C to 110 C. Our robust ultrasonic sensor is designed to fit your specific tank. The ultrasonic sensor also offers contactless level measurement that adjusts to balance varying temperature changes, while maintaining an accurate reading. The elobau fuel level sensor is a stainless steel probe with float designed to last in harsh environments.

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298 Series fuel level sensor 2UF Series ultrasonic level sensor Programmable level sensor

298 Series fuel level sensor

2UF Series ultrasonic level sensor

Programmable level sensor



Generator Fuel Level & Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Fuel Level Sensors – Fuel level sensors are rugged and can survive extreme temperature swings from -40° to 110° C. elobau’s fuel sensors offer long life solutions in hostile environments.
  • Programmable Level Sensors – Programmable level sensors provide extreme versatility, allowing for multiple purpose usage by a single sensor.
  • Ultrasonic Level Measurement Sensors – Ultrasonic level measurement sensors are specially engineered for contactless fluid level monitoring of stored car wash fluids. These sensors can provide level solutions in outdoor temperatures ranging from -40° to 105° C.  These sensors provide product level solutions that are reliable and cost-effective.
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