Fuel Level Sensor

298 Fuel level sensor

Tank, Water, and Fuel Level Sensor Monitoring

Off-Highway and agricultural vehicles need reliable and robust fuel level sensor technology that can deliver accurate readings despite challenging environments, rough handling, and wide temperature swings. elobau fuel level sensors fulfill that need and then some. These rugged tank level sensors are used for all types of applications and offer long life solutions when reliability is paramount.

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Durable, high-performance tank, fuel, and water level monitoring 

elobau’s fuel level sensor technology provides reliable, high-resolution level measurement monitoring for a variety of liquids and fluids. Our devices are commonly used as water level, oil level, hydraulic fluid level, and diesel level sensors.
Our fuel level sensors are highly adaptable to the requirements of your application whether it's level sensors for a propane tank, water tank, water storage tank, or fuel tank. elobau's fuel level sensors provide real-time analog feedback monitoring and can linearize level measurements from asymmetrical tanks for easy reference.

Tank, water, & fuel level sensor features from elobau

  • Maximum length: 1200mm
  • Mounting Options: 4-hole or 5-hole flange
  • G 1.5” mount or G 2” mount also available
  • Amp Superseal connector
  • Deutsch connector
  • M12 connector
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Operational temperature range: -40° to 230°F (-40° to 110°C)
  • Various cable lengths available
  • Fuel feed & return possible
  • Heating loop capable
  • Multiple hose connection options available

High accuracy diesel, oil & fuel level sensors

Available with or without a fuel feed, elobau fuel level monitoring measurement technology is perfectly suited to vehicle and equipment applications, including use as gasoline, hydraulic oil, and diesel level sensors. Tank level sensors offer a variety of mounting and electrical connection options and meet DIN EN 60529 standards. 
Our fuel level sensors deliver accurate readings across a wide temperature range, making them ideal for outdoor tank level sensor applications and harsh work environments. They can also be used to perform aeration and de-aeration processes.

Tank Level Sensors

Tank of fuel level sensors allow you to collect accurate data for reliable tank level monitoring. Our non-contact tank level sensors can be integrated into applications using remote monitoring tools and offer analog outputs that can be used with wireless devices.

Water Tank Level Sensors

Our fluid level sensors can be used in water tanks, storage water tanks, and transport tanks for water and tank level monitoring. Level sensors and float switches for water tanks are an essential component for water level monitoring and sensing water level volumes.

Propane, Diesel, & Fuel Level Sensors

Tracking propane or diesel levels can be complicated and crucial when it comes to backup generator genset power. Accurately monitor diesel and propane fluid temperatures from -40 C to 110 C with generator fuel level sensors. Reliable fuel level monitoring and management can prevent the loss of sales revenue and employee downtime.

For your fuel level sensor monitoring & measurement needs trust elobau

elobau delivers level measurement solutions across all industries and applications. Request a quote on the fuel level sensor you need, or contact us to learn more.