Custom Level Sensor

Custom sensor building with elobau

From design to manufacturing elobau has been developing and manufacturing thousands of customized solutions for OEM’s for over 40 years. Our customers include manufacturers in the medical, dental, semiconductor, printing, food/packaging, mobile equipment, and consumer products. elobau uses a variety of non-contact technology including, reed, hall, capacitive and ultrasonic. This allows our designs to be flexible and fit a large number of applications. A wide market knowledge ensures our engineers will create a solution that fits your unique requirements.
Our manufacturing facilities are located in Germany and feature injection molding, encapsulation, automated/manual manufacturing cells, environmental / life cycle testing, automated soldering, and SMT pick-and-place. elobau adapts the standard products to fit your custom tank.

What does elobau do for customized product solutions?

The model on the left below shows a sensor developed for gearbox oil control for the power generation and truck market. Due to space constraints, the customer required the lowest possible mounting height in addition to a very narrow flange space. Additional needs were a long life and robust construction as well as a rigorous internal testing.
Gearbox Oil ControlSensor for Industrial Ink-Jet Printers
The model above on the right was a sensor developed for industrial ink-jet printers. This was a challenging project, because an accurate analog measurement without having an additional opening for the sensor was required. The solution was a custom hall module on the outside of the reservoir with an internal magnet float system.
What is your application?  Let us know what type of level sensing challenge you have and how we can help.

Custom Level Sensors

Whatever your fluid measurement needs, elobau can provide a customized solution that is tailored to your unique specifications. We can produce custom level sensors for any application, based on your installation requirements, environmental conditions, and media resistance needs. We provide:
  • Custom level sensors based on reed technology
  • Custom capacitive level sensors
  • Custom ultrasonic level sensors

elobau’s Level Sensor Custom Design Configurator

With our custom configurator, you can specify the design of your custom level sensor. Choose from a variety of components, features, and options to create the perfect solution for your application. Our configurator enables you to identify your preferred:
  • Mounting option
  • Material of construction
  • Liquid temperature range
  • Number of switch points
  • Cable material and length
  • Electrical values
  • and more

Custom Level Sensor Features & Options to fit your needs

Using advanced level sensor technology and robust construction techniques, elobau can provide custom level sensors for even the most challenging applications. Features and options include:
  • Wide variety of materials for various resistance requirements
  • Ingress protection up to IP69K
  • Measurement lengths up to 16.4” (5 m)
  • Multiple connector options, including quick connectors
  • Continuous measurement with various analog output signals (current, voltage, resistance)
  • Broad operational temperature range: -40° to 302°F (-40° to 150°C)
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Chemical resistant
Contact elobau to discuss your custom level sensor requirements. Or, use our custom configurator to receive a complimentary quote.