Commercial Dishwasher Level Sensors

Sensors and Float Switches

elobau level sensors are built for the food zone with stainless steel and plastic materials that offer robust protection against cleaning agents.  Suction pipes are designed to measure liquids accurately while assisting in the removal of fluids from tanks that are part of the cleaning process. This convenient solution allows for one device and limits the number of holes in a tank.  elobau stainless steel sensors feature a variety of thread fittings including NPT and G threads and mounting options to provide a clean reliable way to accurately measure low levels in industrial dishwasher applications. 
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Suction Pipe Level Measurement Sensor Applications

Types of Level Sensors for Commerical Dishwashers

Suction Pipe Level Measurement

Suction pipes allow the user to configure pre-empty and empty points to monitor critical cleaning solution levels. A suction pipe also doses liquids in car wash applications while keeping pumps from running dry. The adjustable depth allows for multiple container size usages with one suction pipe. This level measurement device coupled with elobau’s stainless steel sensors provide reliable car wash fluid level solutions with no need for multiple devices. Request a quote or purchase commercial dishwasher suction pipe level measurement sensors today.
S1 Suction Pipe

S1 Suction Pipe

Side Mount Single Point Sensors

Single Point sensors are designed for single point tank monitoring and mount from the side. The stainless steel sensors can be mounted inside or outside of the tank depending on need and application. Request a quote or purchase commercial dishwasher side mount single point sensors today.
20341109 Miniature float switch

20341109 Miniature Float Switch

Float Sensors

Float sensors are designed for commercial dishwasher applications that require a wide range of fluids, temperatures, and pressures. The float sensors can be mounted on the top or on the side and have an external or internal threaded mounting design. Request a quote or purchase commercial dishwasher float sensors today.
204KS Side mount switch

204KS Side Mount Switch

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