Commercial Car Wash Level SolutionsUltrasonic vehicle detectors are used in commercial car washes to detect the presence of vehicles, start and stop washing equipment, and determine the height and length of a vehicle. These vehicle detection sensors work by emitting sound waves to detect the presence of a vehicle and are not affected by sunlight or other environmental factors.
Benefits of using ultrasonic vehicle presence sensors include more precise application of soaps and chemicals, resulting in less waste and more effective washing. 

Vehicle Detection Sensors and Level Measurement Pipes for Commercial Car Washes

elobau ultrasonic sensors for vehicle detection are designed for the harsh environment of commercial car washes. A variety of sensors can be used to maintain effective solution level measurements.

Ultrasonic Level Measurement Sensors

Ultrasonic vehicle presence sensors are specially engineered for contactless fluid level monitoring of stored car wash fluids. These sensors operate in outdoor temperatures ranging from -20° to 70° C and provide product level solutions that are reliable and cost effective. Our ultrasonic sensors for vehicle detection are offered in short body and long body options in plastic or stainless steel, and with detection ranges up to 8000mm (8m) to meet your application requirements. Request a quote or purchase ultrasonic level measurement products for car washes today.

Ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

Suction Pipe Level Measurement

Suction pipes allow the user to configure pre-empty and empty switch points to monitor critical cleaning solution levels. A suction pipe also doses liquids in car wash applications while keeping pumps from running dry. The adjustable depth allows for multiple container size usages with one suction pipe. This level measurement device provides reliable car wash fluid level solutions with no need for multiple devices. Request a quote or purchase car wash suction pipe level measurement products today.

Suction pipe

Suction Pipe

Commercial Car Wash Ultrasonic Vehicle Application

Photoelectric vs. Ultrasonic Vehicle Detectors for Car Wash Applications

Both photoelectric and ultrasonic vehicle presence sensors are commonly used for commercial car wash applications. Each provides accurate detection and measurement of vehicles, but there are some differences between the technology of each sensor.

Photoelectric vehicle detection sensors use infrared light beams to detect the presence of a vehicle and must be positioned so that they are not in direct sunlight, which can make the sensor less effective. Ultrasonic vehicle detectors rely on sound waves to detect vehicles and are not affected by sunlight. Because of this, they allow for more flexibility in where the sensor is positioned.

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