Commercial Car Wash Level SolutionsLevel Sensors
elobau sensors are designed for the harsh environment of commercial car washes. A variety of sensors can be used to maintain effective solution level measurements. Some of which include:
  • Ultrasonic Level Measurement Sensors – Ultrasonic level measurement sensors are specially engineered for contactless fluid level monitoring of stored car wash fluids. These sensors can provide level solutions in outdoor temperatures ranging from -40° to 105° C.  These sensors provide product level solutions that are reliable and cost effective.
  • Suction Pipe Level Measurement – Suction pipes allow the user to configure pre-empty and empty points to monitor critical cleaning solution levels. A suction pipe also doses liquids in car wash applications while keeping pumps from running dry. The adjustable depth allows for multiple container size usages with one suction pipe. This level measurement device provides reliable car wash fluid level solutions with no need for multiple devices.

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Suction pipe

2UF Series ultrasonic level sensor

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