Bulk Material Flow Switches

119DA Bulk material switch
Bulk material switches use sensor technology to detect the presence or absence of powders, grains, and other dry bulk materials that pile up in conical shape.  This style of level switch is useful for monitoring inventory levels of bulk goods in bins and other large vessels.

High Accuracy Level Measurement of Dry Bulk Materials

elobau’s bulk material flow switches utilize high accuracy magnetic reed technology to monitor solid material levels.  Our sensors feature sealed reeds and have a wide operating temperature range to accommodate various operating environments. Select from bulk material level switches with NO or NC style reed contacts and an option of a cable or plug output.
Our material level switches mount to the side of a tank or bin for use in dry storage applications such as:
  • Livestock feed storage
  • Seed, grain, and flour milling
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Asphalt production
  • Concrete and cement processing

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Features of elobau’s Bulk Material Switches

Bulk material level switches are designed and built for durability. We offer two switching current and output options, and cable lengths up to 10m. These switches are easy to install and adjust quickly to accommodate changing level measurement needs.
  • IP67 protection class
  • Wired or AMP super seal connector
  • NO or NC output contacts
  • Dry material level
  • Inside vessel mounting
  • -25° to +75° C
  • Switching max up to 48V, 0.5 amps  

We’re here for all your Bulk Material Switches and Level Measurement needs

We create material level switch solutions for customers across all industries. As one of the leaders in material flow switches and technology, you can trust elobau to deliver reliable, practical solutions for all your monitoring and measurement needs.  Request a quote on bulk material switches for your application, or contact our level measurement experts to learn more.