Level Sensor - Connectors, Adaptors, & Accessories

You’ve found the best ultrasonic level sensor for your application, but now you need the right accessories for installation and operation.

We make all our ultrasonic sensor accessories from durable, high-quality materials. Select from AMP superseals, angled and straight M12 connectors, and mounting adapters in the style you need. We supply level sensor accessories for the following elobau products:

Accessory Options for elobau Ultrasonic Sensors

Each level sensor accessory we offer is made with the same precision as our fluid monitoring technology. Learn more about each option below!

AMP Superseal Connectors

These 3 pin style superseals are compatible with our ultrasonic fuel level sensors. All AMP superseals feature PVC cables ranging in length from 1m to 10m.

M12 Angled Connectors

Select from male and female M12 angled connectors with 4 or 5 pins. Each connector features a plastic ring and a choice of PVC or PUR cable material. Cable lengths range from 1m to 10m. These connectors are compatible with our M18 and M30 ultrasonic sensors

M12 Straight Connectors

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Male or female M12 straight connectors are compatible with our M18 and M30 ultrasonic sensors and come with the option of 4, 5, or 8 pins. Select from straight connectors with zinc nickel plated or plastic rings and PVC or PUR cable material in lengths ranging from 1m to 10m.

Ultrasonic Sensor Mounting Adapters

Mounting adapters from elobau come with either an NPT receiver or SAE hole receiver and are designed for use with our custom ultrasonic fuel level sensors.

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From medical applications to smart farming, elobau has the ultrasonic sensors and accessories to meet your needs. Contact us if you have any questions about our level sensor accessories or standard and custom products.