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Ultrasonic Level Measurement

2UF1 Ultrasonic level sensor

elobau’s ultrasonic sensor technology is specially engineered for contactless fluid level measurement. Our ultrasonic level measurement devices emit ultrasonic pulses that are reflected back by the fluid and measured by the sensor.

By continuously monitoring the time between the reflected return of these pulses, the current fluid can be accurately gauged. Even if your fluids are stored in containers or tanks with complex or unique geometries, the analog output signal of our ultrasonic sensor technology ensures precise measurement.

Because they are contactless and contain zero moving parts, our ultrasonic level measurement sensors are wear-free and will provide many years of reliable, worry-free use.

elobau's ultrasonic sensors 

All elobau ultrasonic sensor models provide continuous, contactless measurement, making them ideal for measuring fluids like oil or hydraulic fluid found in machine tools that cannot be tainted by the introduction of foreign materials.
Our ultrasonic level measurement modules can be programmed to account for oscillations and turbulence that could otherwise lead to incorrect readings. Measurement clear to the bottom of the tank can be realized. 
elobau ultrasonic sensors also feature an extremely broad operational temperature range. They can operate in outdoor applications or extreme environments like commercial car washes or outdoor fuel generators with no loss of performance or accuracy.
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Features of elobau's ultrasonic level measurement sensors

  • Contactless level measurement
  • Wear-free with no moving parts
  • Analog output
  • Voltage or current output
  • Resolution of 1mm
  • Broad operational temperature range: -40°C to 105°C (-40°F to 221°F)
  • Temperature compensation
  • Operating voltage 8 to 36 VDC
  • Available with or without focus tube
  • Measurement to bottom of the tank
  • Up to 1500 mm measurement range
  • Protection class IP67
  • AMP superseal connector
  • Up to 10° incline mounting from center

What can elobau's ultrasonic sensors do?

The elobau ultrasonic sensor features a non-contact form of measurement if your product cannot tolerate introduction of foreign materials. Additionally, different averaging of the measurements can be programmed to eliminate oscillations from turbulence.  Measurement clear to the bottom of the tank can be realized. These sensors also feature an extremely high temperature range, so outdoor applications are no problem.

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